Day 27: Zero in Tropic

Wednesday May 17, 0mi/0km

Tropic (UT)

Today was just a very relaxing day. I slept in until 7am, sauntered over to the motel lobby for the free continental breakfast, and then picked up my maps at the post office. I made a quick stop at the general store for some snacks, I love how compact this town is, everything is less than a 5 minute walk.

Back at the motel room, we did various gear repairs and cleaning (this trail is very hard on gear!) while watching episodes of Seinfeld, South park, Archer, and old 90s movies like Clueless and Jurassic Park. Shadow bought a new z-rest sleeping pad, and like most people he cuts off the extra sections. So I was gifted a new sitting pad!

I walked over to the pizza place to get lunch, and they had a sign with puns….my favourite.

I had a great lunch of salad, a hoodoo ale, and fish n chips.

After lunch I bought a few remaining items from the grocery/general store, and then we mailed our extra food & gear ahead to the next town, Kanab UT. I spent a few hours making various phone calls while doing laundry, and before I knew it, it was dinnertime! Shadow and I went to Rustler’s, a western themed spot with pub food. It was delicious, but the service was sloooowww. Eventually we got back to the motel room and did some final packing while more movies played. Tomorrow we head out early, as there is limited camping for the first 30 miles. Bryce National Park requires a permit to camp in the park, but to get a permit you need to have a bear canister. Since we don’t have a canister, and don’t have a way to return a borrowed one, we need to camp in the nearby Dixie National Forest where no such rules exist.
Great zero day!

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