Day 22: A Four Canyon Day

Friday May 12, 24.5mi/39.4km

Rogers Canyon (331.9/4560ft) to Last Chance Creek Canyon (355.7/4640ft) (UT) + 0.7mi GPS correction

Another nice day for hiking! It seems the weather is always perfect out here in Utah springtime. This was our view as we started off at 6:45am.

The terrible rockiness and brush of Monday/Rogers Canyon soon ended, and we cruised on a nice gravel wash.

After a couple miles we turned and went up Navajo canyon. It was easy walking on a nice firm gravel/dirt surface. No soft sand here!

It started off as a really wide valley…

…and then soon narrowed to a proper canyon.

Walking in the piles of shale was interesting.

Shadow almost stepped on a rattlesnake, this little guy was not happy about our presence.

There was a very short 30-minute section of boulder scrambling, which was slow going but thankfully it was over quickly.

At the end of the boulder section was one final obstacle, it wasn’t difficult once we figured out the puzzle, but we had to search for the exit for a little while.

We climbed up out of Navajo canyon and had lunch at the top of the climb, on a little dirt road. Right after lunch we descended into Reese Canyon. There was an old 2-track road that descended into Reese Canyon.

And pretty soon we were in the canyon floor.

Reese canyon was enjoyable walking on gravel, and not much notable happened. Just 3 hours of walking downhill and a few neat rock formations.

We left Reese Canyon and turned to go up Last Chance Canyon, and at the junction was this creepy old trailer. In the middle of nowhere!

There was supposed to be a water source at the junction of the two canyons, but it was dry. So we hiked up the canyon, hoping to find water on our way. We stopped and filled a liter at this cool dripping moss.

But that took forever and we soon found a big pothole to fill from. There was definitely more water as we walked upstream, and the sand was frequently damp. Some canine had left prints in it!

It was easy walking in Last Chance Canyon, except occasionally there was a couple steps of slippery mud. I quickly got used to identifying the trouble spots and mostly could avoid them.

Shadow found a swimming hole! It looked murky.

We walked up canyon until 6pm, and found a nice sandy bench to camp on.

Hopefully the miles keep coming easily like today’s 4-canyon day!

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