Day 16: Rainy Day, MONA

Monday December 5, 0.0km/0.0mi

Hobart to (TAS) Lagoon near Bronte Park

I slept late at the hostel, which was a very nice old building with lots of fancy old pieces of French furniture. I bought a ticket to a local museum called MONA, the Museum of Old and New Art. It’s known for being a very quirky and untraditional art museum. I stopped to get gas on the way, and this seagull just sat on the hood and wouldn’t move. Eventually I sprayed the windshield and he departed.

I parked at the museum, and that’s where the normalness ended. The entrance was a confusing maze of stairs and ramps.

The entrance was a nondescript door at ground level, but the rest of it was underground. I checked my wet raincoat and umbrella, and downloaded their app that explains the exhibits.

After going down the stairs into the museum, I could see the cafe a few levels below me. I loved the name – “Void Bar”, Cocktails, Pizza, Emptiness.

The exhibits were all very unique, ranging from performance art, to interactive exhibits, to traditional Picasso sculptures.

“It’s your obsession with fucking time machines that is ruining our marriage”

This exhibit was for a mummy, and you had to walk on the stepping stones, or else fall into 2m/6.5ft of dark water!

This one was called the White House:

This one was a small maze with binary numbers everywhere and a surprise mirror ceiling at the finish.

A small library room full of blank white books and magazines was an exhibit.

So was a loud groaning tunnel with shifting lighting.

By 3pm, I had seen most everything, so I drove to a nearby fried chicken place for an early dinner. After doing some planning for the remainder of my Australia trip, I hit the road. I found a free campsite on google about 2 hours away, and only 45 minutes from where my hike tomorrow will start. I arrived to the campsite, which was at a boat ramp and fishing area near Bronte Park. It was very windy near the lake, so I rearranged the seating inside the car to sleep there instead. Tomorrow I will begin a short hike, a 2-day out & back hike to Frenchman’s Cap.

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