Day 28: Sauntering by the Sea

Friday November 11, 33.5km/20.8mi

Denmark town Drop-off (880.0/10m) to Torbay Campsite (913.5/67m) (WA)

The Bibbulmun Track has a gap in it, since the ferry across the inlet isn’t running this year. The owner of the hostel gives rides around the inlet for a small fee, so myself and two other hikers were scheduled for an 8am departure. The Denmark bakery opened at 7am so I had plenty of time to stuff my face before I left.

So many pies, muffins, and sandwiches!

Mark (the owner) dropped us off at 8:15, and I hiked into a very windy coastal day.

Within 20 minutes I came to the first shelter. I didn’t need any water or snacks so I just signed the logbook and continued on.

I found a snakeskin on the side of the trail. I hoped it’s over wasn’t nearby!

I caught up to Rich and Ellen, who were also hiking the Bibbulmun southbound. Here is Rich demonstrating the proper use of one of these funny benches. The back board is a little higher so you can rest your backpack on it, taking the weight off of your shoulders.

The weather today was intermittently rainy. It would rain for 5 minutes and then be sunny for 2 hours, and always windy.

The entire day was spent walking through scrubland on a ridge above the sea.

The second shelter I came to was the West Camp Howe campsite. It was 1pm, so I had lunch and entertained myself reading the logbook.

I love a good anthropomorphic drawing.

After lunch the trail improved slightly, and was wider and less overgrown.

All day I had amazing views down to the sea, but I never got anywhere near it. Given how windy it was, it was better that I wasn’t on a barren exposed beach.

The spring wildflowers were lining the trail all afternoon!

Looking to the southwest:

There is a beach down there, hidden behind the cliffs.

It was incredible how big the waves looked, and how loud the ocean was, even from a distance.

Back to the overgrown trail…not ideal in snake-y areas.

Towards the end of the day, I came to a lookout point. Somewhere in the distance along the coast there is the small city of Albany, where I will finish tomorrow.

This guy had his own memorial lookout point.

Randomly, I came across an open granite slab. Going up….

And back down…

The view above Dingo Beach was cool! In the distance I could see wind turbines, which signified the ending point of this trail. And there is also a faint rainbow, which I did not realise when I took the photo.

Torbay Campsite was my destination for today, and it will be my final campsite for this trail.

Surprisingly there was nobody else here. The people on this trail seem to come in clumps, with large gaps in between the groups that I have seen.

Tomorrow is the finish of the Bibbulmun!

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