Day 13: Farm to Forest

Thursday October 27, 35.6km/22.1mi

Glen Mervyn Lake (343.1/215m) to Grimwade Campsite (378.7/263m) (WA)

I packed up my tent, damp from camping near a lake, and hiked along the shore for a km. I crossed the end of the lake on a dam.

For the next hour I had a nice gradual downhill walk thru a jarrah forest, and ended up on a road at an intersection. Hmm which way to go?

I turned right, and immediately passed by an abandoned looking building, the Mumby Pub.

I found out later that it is indeed still open, daily for dinner. Fascinating. I continued the roadwalk for a couple more minutes, I don’t think I’ll be exceeding this speed limit!

I crossed the road to follow some old railroad tracks, which was a very pleasant walk in the shade, and away from the highway.

After 30 minutes I left the tracks, and joined a dirt road. All of the mailboxes at the bottom of the road were microwaves!

I saw this in some of the poorer sections of New Zealand too. The road led uphill for almost an hour, where I passed this fun hiking sign.

And since I was hiking thru farmland, I also saw COWS! Hi cows!

The farmland was a nice change of scenery, I love the rolling green hills.

The dirt road ended after climbing up for an hour, and I entered Preston National Park.

The rest of the day was a pleasant forested walk.

I stopped at Noggerup shelter for an early lunch, and enjoyed my usual cheese and salami burrito with hot sauce. I saw a road only once all afternoon, it was such a remote forest.

The final couple of hours went by quickly, as I sauntered up and down the gentle slopes of the trail.

I arrived to Grimwade shelter around 5pm, to find one other person there. Sue was very nice, and quite talkative, as she hasn’t seen anyone else on the trail in awhile. I did my usual evening chores as we swapped stories about the trail. She’s leaving at 5:45am so I might not see her in the morning…

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