Day 14: An On-Trail Zero

Sunday February 28, 0mi/0km

Silver Lake Lean-to (113.2/2060ft) (NY)

We woke up later, since we had nowhere to go today. Even so, everyone was awake around 6am, simply because we went to bed at 7:30pm the night before. I ate first breakfast, which was my sliced kielbasa fried up on the whisperlite stove and some improvised cookware.


Then, I ate second breakfast, and then a third meal that was nameless but consisted of cheese and M&Ms. The weather was still dry, so I went for a short ski down the trail for 10 minutes, just to get some movement in today. Eventually, it was time for lunch, and I cooked up my extra soup and cocoa.


After lunch, I might’ve accidentally taken an hour nap. Afterwards, we killed some time playing the dice game Blisters, and then Mark read a chapter from the Waterman’s book. This wonderful day of lounging and eating was capped off by dinner and then going to bed! Not many pictures from today, but it was a necessary and relaxing day.

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