Day 1: Tornado Delay

Saturday August 29, 3.5mi/5.6km

Northville Archway (0.0/800ft) to Gifford Valley Road Trailhead (3.5/880ft) (NY)

After a couple of days of driving east, I was ready to stretch my legs. I only had a few hours on the highway from Rhode Island to the Adirondacks.

The rainy sky even began to clear.

Except, more storms were on the way. I even heard a tornado warning on the radio.

I did my resupply at a Market32, which is just a fancy Price Chopper.

I drove to Northville, the southern terminus of the NPT. Actually, the trailhead on Gifford Valley Road, which is a 3.5mi roadwalk out of town. I parked and walked the 3.5mi to the starting archway.

The trail register is in Riverside Park, which was a nice quiet oasis in a busy town.

I found the trail register, and signed in as a NOBO hiker.

I hiked maybe 100m, and passed by a Stewart’s shop. I love this trail already, it has ice cream along the route!

After eating a pint of “Crumbs along the Mohawk”, I continued on. I arrived back at my car an hour later, and listened to the radio.

The tornado warnings had finally ended, so at 8pm I hiked into the woods. I signed into another trail register, and put on my headlamp.

I got one last photo before it got dark, of a trail marker.

I hiked a couple miles up a hill to Mud Lake, and setup my tent. It was so windy! It will be an interesting night for sure…

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