Day 0: Getting Ready for Bigfoot Trail

Saturday June 20th, 0mi

My original hiking plans for this year were interrupted by a global pandemic, so I made an assessment of what’s safely possible. I’m staying local to the west and hiking some extremely remote routes, and I’ve added some masks to my standard pack items.

I was excited to discover a relatively short trail that traverses Northern California, the Bigfoot trail! It overlaps with the PCT and the SPT (Siskiyou Peaks Trail) for a short distance. See my main BFT page for more details.

I joined the BFT association, downloaded some maps, and planned the logistics. A viewing of Squatch’s film “Asquatchalypse Now” completed my preparations. Oh, and buying a ton of backpacking food at Costco, thanks roommate!

I haven’t done any long distance hiking since last fall, so I spread out all my gear to inspect and inventory it all. I have a couple of new items I’m pretty excited about, a Katabatic Gear Alsek quilt (22F/-6C), and a Montbell Superior down parka. I’ll have some feedback on these items soon, after I put them to the test!

Tomorrow I will start the drive to Ides Cove Trailhead, the southern terminus of the BFT, and where I will finish the trail.


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