Day 114: Hiking into Baxter State Park

Wednesday July 3, 9.9mi/15.9km

Abol Bridge (2176.9) to Katahdin Stream campground (2186.8) (ME)

I slept in, and wandered into the kitchen around 7am, and had a very energizing breakfast.

I spent a few hours doing planning for my next hike (which I figured out I will start on July 14th), and then walked to the other side of town to hitch a ride back to Abol Bridge. Three hitches later, including riding in the back of a truck, and I was there!

Abol Bridge is basically just a campground and store.

I crossed the bridge over the Penobscot River, and got a great view of Katahdin!

A few minutes later, I crossed into Baxter State Park. They make it very obvious when you enter… and post all the rules too.

I walked along the Penobscot river for an hour, and the sound of rushing water was a nice distraction. There were many people out tubing and kayaking too.

Then the trail climbed up a small hill, along a different smaller river. But still plenty powerful!

It had a couple of waterfalls, Big Niagara falls, and little Niagara falls. Not tall, but super powerful.

Little Niagara falls :

Then the trail entered the woods, and everything was super mossy and green.

And finally, I walked by Daicey Pond, which is a popular place to camp and canoe.

I arrived to Katahdin Stream campground at 5pm, and some hikers that I had hiked with a few days in the Hundred Mile wilderness, Wow and Lightfoot, invited me over to their campsite! It was a fun last gathering together.

After I setup my tent, I walked over to the ranger station. Tim was the ranger, and gave me a Thru-hiker permit card for the summit. And he allows hikers to borrow a free loaner daypack for the summit hike!

I went back to the campsite, made dinner, and enjoyed one last night with my fellow hikertrash. They are summiting Katahdin tomorrow, I will go up on Friday with a group of friends from Boston!


  1. Hello there! RR . . . Margaret, from Bend, OR here. Please keep me on your list for the PN Trail adventure. Am enjoying your hikes, vicariously, with fervor. PN sounds terrific!


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