Day 111: Gotta keep on moving

Sunday June 30, 25.1mi/40.4km

Sidney Tappan campsite (2115.2) to Antlers campsite (2140.3) (ME)

Gotta keep on moving!

I knew rain was in the forecast, so I got hiking at 6am, so I could get over the last of the mountains before it started. It was a very foggy morning, and the trail was smooth walking.

I was only half awake, so before I knew it, I had climbed 700ft/200m up to Hay Mountain.

The next mountain on the ridge was a couple of miles away, but easy walking, and I was on the summit before 8am. I had an hour before rain started, gotta keep on moving!

Foggy views, though!

The alpine flowers were always fun to see, I will miss them, White Cap mountain was the last high summit on the AT (besides Katahdin, of course).

I descended a couple thousand feet, well below treeline, and then the rain started at 9am as predicted. Umbrella time! My legs were soaked though, having to walk thru this carwash:

There were a couple of lakes along the way. I almost went swimming… but then it got windy. Keep moving!

The rain didn’t last long, and stopped shortly after noon. I had been warned about the mosquitoes in this last section, and as soon as the rain stopped, new clouds formed…clouds of mosquitoes. If I kept walking, it wasn’t bad. So, keep on moving! All the rest of the photos were taken at 3mph/5kph..

Cool flowers, I wish I knew their name.

I stopped just before 5pm and camped at Antlers campsite, an established spot on Jo-Mary lake. The view from my tent was great, being inside my tent with mosquito netting was even better!

There were no other hikers around, and weirdly, there was cell service. So I watched some episodes of LWT with John Oliver, and did some planning for my upcoming hike… on the PNT (Pacific-northwest-trail)! And as I was going to bed, I got a Skype call from my sister. She and Scott had some fun news to share!

Congratulations you guys! (Assuming you got Jeff’s permission, haha).

Only three more days until I get to Katahdin! Weeeee


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