Day 108: Cruising to Monson, final trail town

Thursday June 27, 17.9mi/28.8km

Bald Mountain Pond shelter (2059.6) to Hwy 15/Monson (2077.5) (ME)

I was excited to get to town, so I started walking at 7am. The view from the campsite this morning was nice. Not pictured: hundreds of mosquitoes.

There were no significant climbs today, only a few river fords. The first ford looked easy, but a few seconds after I took this photo, I slipped on a rock and took a swim. Oops.

Since the trail is in the lowlands now, everything is very green, and there are many more bird noises.

The next river ford went more smoothly, and there was even a rope to hold onto!

Being down low also means more moose!

The trail followed along the W branch Piscataquis River for several hours. It was nice having the sound of water for background noise.

Just before I got to the road, there was a small climb, and the hill had an obscured view of the valley I was about to enter.

I got to the road at 1:45pm, got a hitch from the third car that passed by, and was in town at the Shaws hostel by 2pm. One of the owners, Poet, welcomed me and gave me a tour. They even have a gear shop!

Then after a shower, I headed over to the only restaurant in town, the Lakeshore House pub. I saw some interesting transportation on my walk over… oh, Maine!

I was starving, so I ordered the biggest thing on the menu, Pot roast with vegetables and potatoes. Then I stayed a little while for the entertainment of open mic night.

I headed back to the hostel, repaired my leaky thermarest air mattress, and planned out my last week on the AT. Tomorrow I enter the hundred mile wilderness!


    1. I finally learned where he was. All hikers are required to sign into Baxter State Park, and he was two days ahead of me. He must’ve had something urgent at home or been in a hurry to finish!


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