Day 101: Maine is for Rain

Thursday June 20, 8.7mi/14.0km

Andover/S Arm Road (1945.2) to Bemis Mountain shelter (1953.9) (ME)

I’ve been on a streak of great town breakfasts here in Northern New England! We had huge pancakes with syrup (real, of course) and fresh Maine blueberries.

Then after a quick resupply trip in town, we got dropped off at the trailhead at 9am and hiked up a steep climb. It was a foggy day, with raumin expected later, so the views were nonexistent.

The summits here aren’t very high, so they have signs to mark them.

We hit two summits today, both in the fog. Rain is expected to come in the afternoon, so we didn’t linger.

The forest up here is very green and mossy.

Some of the moss (reindeer moss?) is even very fuzzy.

Bob and I arrived to the shelter at 1pm, just as rain was starting. We found two other hikers there… SOBOs! Zuzu and Gritz started a couple of weeks ago, and have also hiked the PCT. We killed time all afternoon, talking, playing games, napping, and watching the rain fall from a nice dry shelter.

Tomorrow is supposed to be nice weather, so it should be a normal mileage day.

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