Day 97: Super-Nero day into Gorham

Sunday June 16, 2.0mi/3.2km

Rattle River Shelter (1891.8) to Gorham/Hwy 2 (1893.8) (NH)

The sun rises so early these days, and it was shining directly into the shelter by 6:30 am. So I was awake before the big group that was camped nearby, and got moving by 7:15am. It was an easy cruise down a wooded trail. That, combined with the swarm of mosquitoes, and I didn’t stop to take any photos.

I got to the Rattle River hostel by 7:45am, and checked in and showered by 8am! The rest of the morning was filled with chilling at the hostel. We went into town for lunch at a BBQ place.

When we got back to the hostel (their shuttle picked us up), I had a package from my friend Aaron! So much delicious food…

Later, I baked a cake with stuff I had bought in town. The magnet on the fridge was a little too true.

Not much else exciting happened today, and that’s perfect. A relaxing nero (near-zero) day. Tomorrow… we leave New Hampshire and enter Maine!

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