Day 94: Hut hopping

Thursday June 13, 17.0mi/27.4km

Zealand Summit (1836.0) to Mizpah Hut (1853.0) (NH)

We packed up camp early, knowing that an afternoon rainstorm was coming, to get as many dry miles as possible. It was an easy walk down the mountain, with lots of alpine meadows.

This trail junction seemed ridiculous.

There was an amazing view down into the Pemi Valley, with Whitewall Brook way below.

Just before we arrived at the Zealand hut, there was a nice stream with lots of fish.

We stopped for a break at the hut, and had the free leftover breakfast food, and played some card games.

The next section of trail leading to Ethan Pond was super flat and smooth, since it was built on an old railroad bed. It crossed the Whitewall slide, and we had a neat view looking back on where we had come from.

We made a quick stop at Ethan Pond for a snack, the water was yellow-ish from all the floating pine pollen.

A couple of miles later, Bob and I ran into a group from the AMC Mountain Leadership School! I took this program in 2012, it teaches hikers/Backpackers how to lead groups in the outdoors. It was great seeing these familiar faces again!

We pressed on, knowing rain was coming. After crossing the Saco river, the big climb up the Webster cliff trail began.

After gaining 2000ft/600m, we reached the cliffs and had some nice views down into the Crawford Notch.

The last hour of the hike it rained, so I didn’t get any photos. We arrived at the Mizpah Hut at 3pm, and got ourselves dry and warm again. Dinner wasn’t until 7pm, so I entertained myself in the library…

Dinner was great, lasagna with salad, peas, and chocolate cake. After dinner a local trail maintenance crew gave a fun presentation!

Bob and I helped to wash the dishes, since we were doing a “work for stay”, a special option given to thru hikers (since we don’t have reservations for the bunks). After chores, I setup my sleeping bag on the dining room benches, and they turned out the lights at 9:30pm sharp!

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