Day 91: Mt. Moosilauke and The Whites

Monday June 10, 19.0mi/30.6km

Wachipauka Pond (1791.1) to Eliza Brook shelter (1810.1) (NH)

For the first time on this trail, I was woken up by the warmth of the morning sun. It was hot inside the tent by 7am! I got this photo as I packed up. Not pictured: mosquitoes.We stopped by the Hikers Welcome hostel, Bob had a package there.I found some snacks in the hiker box, and then we were back on the trail.The climb up to Moosilauke summit is a long, gradual uphill. I’ve done this section of trail before, so there were no surprises today.Just as the trail had gotten up on the ridge, we walked over the melting remains of an old snow drift!The final mile up to Moosilauke summit is on an old carriage road, and is a beautiful flat, wide trail.I spent 30 minutes on the summit enjoying the views, as it was a rare windlesd warm day.I hiked down to Kinsman notch, stopping by a shelter and privy along the way. The privies in this DOC-maintained section all have interesting names…The descent down the Beaver Brook trail was Steep, with mostly large rocks and stairs to walk on.At the trailhead parking lot, I ran into some trail magic, and two other thru-hikers! Togs and Lucky started in Geein February.The trail magic was from Fresh Grounds, who runs the “Leapfrog Cafe” as he calls it. I ran into him back in a North Carolina forest, and it was great to see him again!The climb up out of Kinsman notch was hot and steep, and the rest of the afternoon was on rocky PUDs.But at least it was in a nice pine forest.At 6pm, I arrived at the shelter, and Bob (who I hadn’t seen all day) arrived 30 minutes later. There is some rain expected tonight, hopefully it stops by morning!

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