Day 75: Zero day in Great Barrington

Saturday May 25, 0mi/0km

Great Barrington MA (1522.8)

Zero days (days with zero mileage) are great! More sleep, more food, and more people! We are staying at a friend’s of friends house in town, and we caught the bus to the other side of town to the shopping center. The “GB” in hedges was a unique sight.

One of the stores in the shopping center looked like it was having a Saturday festival. Nope, just the queue for the local dispensary! There was even a food truck, and music, and police directing traffic.

We went to the Great Barrington Brewery for lunch, it’s always great food. And solar powered beer!

After some shopping errands at the Price chopper, thrift store, and McDonald’s (milkshakes!), Bob and I went to the local lake for a swim.

The clouds and wind came in by the time we walked there, so I got cold and didn’t go in very deep. But it was still so nice to be in a lake!

We walked the half mile back to the house, where our hosts offered us dinner! Maureen and Bill made some really excellent burritos, with fresh vegetables from their garden. Burritos are basically one of my food groups, so I was super excited!

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