Day 57: The bugs have arrived

Tuesday May 7, 26.1mi/42.0km

Boiling Springs Backpacker camp (1123.0) to Duncannon (1149.1) (PA)

I was excited about breakfast, so I was out of camp by 7am, and sitting at a table in the Cafe 101 by 7:30am. The trail goes right thru the village of Boiling Springs, with a large pond along the way.

After a delicious chorizo breakfast burrito, I was on my way. Today was another warm humid day in the green tunnel.

Today was mostly flat walking through farm fields, as the trail crossed the Cumberland valley.

The trail also crossed many small roads, railroads, and even a couple of interstates today.

I-76, looking west (toward Pittsburgh).

I-81, looking towards Harrisburg.

One of my more exciting moments of today was walking through a field of cows. Hi cows!

There was also a long marshy section along a river. The boardwalk was definitely appreciated.

The water sources weren’t great today, mostly streams with agricultural runoff, and the occasional cow trough. CDT style!

Towards the end of the day, the trail re-entered the forest, and climbed up a ridge. The views are kind of obstructed by the leafy trees.

The view from Hawk rock.

Looking down on the village of Duncannon.

I descended down into Duncannon. It felt a little depressing, kind of a sad old place.

Of course, I had to stop by the famous Doyle hotel, known for its dilapidated state. I had dinner at the bar, but didn’t spend the night.

After a surprisingly good meal, I continued on another half mile, and stayed at a local church that welcomes hikers. Long day!

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  1. I was hoping you’d line up with Duncannon on a weekend so I might come visit you and get some ice cream. It is the closest point on the AT to Rochester. Did you get ice cream on Market Street? Also, there is a gem of a roadside drive-in restaurant called Red Rabbit just north of the bridge over the Susquehanna, but I suspect you’ve already left town.


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