Day 46: Rainy day

Friday April 26, 23.9mi/38.4km

Hightop shelter (905.8) to Rock Spring Shelter (929.7) (VA)

I didn’t take many photos today, since it rained most of the afternoon. I got started at 8am, and the day started off in a cool fog.

Then, the sun came out for a couple of hours, and it was an enjoyable morning of hiking.

Around lunchtime, the sky turned cloudy, and 30 minutes later a heavy downpour started. I’m so happy to have my umbrella on days like today. Also, when the rain started, I was only 10 minutes from a campground, which had a store. So I bought a sandwich and ice cream, and sought refuge in there for an hour until the rain passed. Here is a video of the rain:

Rainy day in Shenandoah

Since I had sat for an hour, I was quite cold, and my ankle started to hurt again when I resumed hiking. There were a couple more light rain showers, and by 5pm the sky was just cloudy.

I got to the shelter at 6:30pm, a long day. At least the views were great!

The same group from last night is here, except Toast. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice weather!

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