Day 34: Dragons Tooth and Hiker hunger

Sunday April 14, 23.1mi/37.2km

Sarver Hollow shelter (681.2) to Route 624/Four Pines Hostel (703.9) (VA)

The weather forecast said that severe thunderstorms were arriving around 5pm, so I got going at 7:30am to make it to a hostel before then. Most of the day it rained lightly on and off, and the umbrella was always at the ready. The first three miles were on a ridge, and the trail went over these big slabby rocks. I’m sure they’re fine normally, but they’re kinda scary when wet. Wet slab isn’t fun.

At the end of the ridge was the Eastern continental divide. Water goes into the Mississippi River, or a the Atlantic.

The wet weather was really making everything turn green too.

It was a mostly uneventful day, and with the occasional rain, I took very few photos. In mid afternoon, I crossed the 700 mile marker!

And shortly after, was a rock formation called Dragons Tooth. I’m sure it has amazing views on most days, but not today.

And then… the forecasted storm started an hour early. I hurried down from the ridge, but also taking my time in steep sections like this:

I was only a mile from being done, and the trail was starting to get deep.

“I waded the entire length of the Appalachian Trail”

I arrived to the hostel just before 4pm, and it was a nice dry oasis. Four Pines Hostel was an interesting place.

Turbo showed up 10 minutes after I did, and we both went to dinner at the Homeplace restaurant. It is rated one of the top 10 restaurants on the entire trail. I agree. Chicken, beef, and ham, and 6 different sides. All unlimited!

After dinner, we went back to the hostel, and relaxed, played cards, and made desserts. We could hear the storm outside (severe thunderstorms, hail, damaging winds, tornado watch).

My feet were sore after the quick 23 miles today, but it was worth it for the dinner and to get out of the storm!

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