Day 31: Zero day and taxes

Thursday April 11, 0mi/0km

Hiker Haven Hostel (637.0)

My first real zero day! My original plan was to take a zero in the next town (Daleville VA), but this hostel was so nice, and I had a bunch of town chores to do.

Here are some photos of the hostel setup:

Main bathhouse
Kitchen and TV room
Campfire area
Outside dining area

I spent the morning doing chores. I asked the hostel for a ride to the library, and when I explained why, they just let me borrow their laptop. So nice! So I sat at a table in the kitchen all morning, working on… my taxes! It would’ve only taken 30 minutes, but I needed to login to various accounts to get a the information. I only login to most of these once a year, so I had to make a few calls to various customer service departments. Ugh.

With taxes done, I walked to the grocery store (Food Lion… bleh) to do my resupply for the next 4 days of hiking. Now when people ask, I can tell them I’ve seen both snakes and bears on the AT, haha!

I also made trips to the post office, barber, and an accidental trip to pizza hut. I was walking by there, and a nice young couple wanted to talk to me about hiking and the AT, and offered to buy me a pizza for 20-30 minutes of my time. Sure!

I brought the leftover pizza back to the hostel, and Bob and Turbo were there! They were watching a movie, and I joined in.

Then, there was some more calorie loading after the pizza…

That was my second pint of B&J’s in as many days. A pretty solid zero day!

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