Day 0: Getting ready for the AT!

Monday March 11th, 0mi

Atlanta Airport to Amicalola Falls Visitor center (GA)

Here we go! I landed at Atlanta Airport this morning, arriving on a redeye flight from Las Vegas (Gobble’s parents got married!). I took the MARTA train to Sandy Springs, and resupplied at the Publix (grocery store down here).

There was also a Chick-fil-A, thrift store and REI nearby, which was perfect.

I had arranged a ride to Amicalola Falls with Ron’s AT shuttles, and he picked me up at 3pm. We then picked up another hiker, and we were on our way! There was some traffic, so we arrived just after 5pm. I opted to stay at the shelter near the ranger station, and do the check-in and registration in the morning.

There are a few other thru-hikers staying here too- Nick & Jenna from Minnesota, a guy from Brooklyn, and a Virginia woman who recently retired from the military. They are all too excited to sleep… but I’m gonna pass out after this long day!


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