Getting Ready for the Winds!

Friday 7/21/2017, 0mi/0km

A few days before the flight to Utah, I went food shopping for the trip. I mailed half of it to Wyoming, where I had arranged for a horse-packer to deliver it to us, near the midpoint of the hike. This way, we wouldn’t have to carry more than 5 days’ worth of food at at time!


Friday after work, I flew to Salt Lake City, where I had a late dinner at In-N-Out burger. For some odd reason, the Barq’s root beer in this state is caffeine-free. Silly Utah.


It’s about a 4.5 hour drive from the SLC airport to Lander, WY and the trailhead. I drove about halfway, camping at a BLM recreation area. Tomorrow, I start the hike!

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