Week 5 – Butte MT to Darby MT

This section was much more mountainous, and colder, than the previous one. We climbed up into the higher elevations, and even had frost on our tents a couple mornings. And with all the alpine lakes, there is a much better water situation (and swimming situation too).

Day 33: (August 1st)

My new, electric yellow, shirt from Walmart. My old one finally died.
Someone’s home!
Nice perspective of the upcoming country

Day 34: (August 2nd)

Just a really cool picture.
I think all Michiganders love fly fishing. Is it a residency requirement?
Top of the pass. Despite the snow, it’s warm up here!

Day 35: (August 3rd)

A cold & windy start to the morning.
So many amazing lakes in this section. Makes me feel like swimming!
I get it, Rainbow Lake is to the left. 3x!
LaughTrack, AquaCam & I hike an “alternate” route on the divide. It was slow & rocky, but super fun.

Day 36: (August 4th)

These milemarkers are getting to be a regular thing!
And we finally catch Smokey! He was super stoked to see his first on-trail human in ….weeks?
The mountains are coming.

Day 37: (August 5th)

Apparently LT has been to this remote cabin a few years ago during college. Deja vu!
Apparently we had hiked into Idaho (this state border is the Divide), and we re-entered Montana on the road.
Gettin a ride to town. I think every ride we got in Montana was in a pickup truck.

Day 38: (August 6th)

We took a zero day in Darby, MT and saw a rodeo. Impressive work cowboys, those cattle were wrapped up fast! 
It’s hard to believe that Montana is almost done! We have hiked 650 miles so far, and only 2 more towns until we arrive in Wyoming. It’s a surprisingly huge state, and much more diverse than I imagined.


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