Week 3 – Benchmark MT to Helena MT

Another good week! Beautiful trail, no rain, but dry for water sources. And an entertaining group of 6 hikers to hike with!

Day 15: (July 14th)

Walking thru a burn area
We found another cabin!

Day 16: (July 15th)

Having lunch by a stream
Epic ridgewalk!
You can see the trail switchbacking up the ridge

Day 17: (July 16th)

Our “lake” water source. Almost dry!

A MONSTER cairn!

Day 18: (July 17th)

Enjoying a huge meal in Missoula!
Another huge meal. Sushi!

Day 19: (July 18th)

Some of us rode the wave on the river in downtown Missoula

Day 20: (July 19th)

Hitchin a ride back to the trail
Cool moon from our campsite that night

Day 21: (July 20th)

Having 2nd breakfast
Sadie relaxing. She is thru-hiking with her human, BrightEyes
Inside a cool old restored firetower. A couple of local ladies gave us a ride to it.
Wildlife! Of the tasty variety

Day 22: (July 21st)

Getting water
View from my tent.

Day 23: (July 22nd)

Got distracted halfway thru cutting?
Old frontier town. Restored for tourists!
No caption can capture the awesomeness of this photo.
Checking into our hotel in Helena. Very hiker- and biker-friendly!

The miles are going by more quickly, and I’ve kinda gotten into a rhythm of sleeping, eating, hiking, and eating. 🙂

The Montana towns are all super friendly, and everyone has been so welcoming and helpful. The treasure state!

Next week- the Butte trail route, and Butte!



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