Week 1 – Waterton Park AB to East Glacier MT

The first week of the CDT was full of changes, adjustments, and meeting people. Glacier NP is full of people. Unfortunately not as many glaciers, bears or other wildlife. Its such an amazing place though, and a must-do for anyone who is a hiker (or just likes the wild outdoors). 

My permit was issued for an alternate route, as the “high route” was still snow-covered, and the NPS hadn’t yet cleared a path thru the Ahern drift.

Day 1: (June 30th)

Walking over the border to Canada to catch my shuttle
I saw the sign…
Waterton Lake from the CDT
The monument that marks the northern terminus of the trail!
What does a standard hiker weigh?

Day 2: (July 1st)

I camped at Goat Haunt shelters, a very nice spot. Bathrooms with electricity & running water! Only one other hiker was camped here, Coyote. She was starting the PNT, and we talked about the usual hiker stuff. Plus her singing skills put mine to shame…good thing  I’ll have thousands of miles to practice!

Don’t slip! It’s a deep, cold glacial lake

View coming down the west side of Stoney Indian Pass!
Lots of alpine flowers. I need a book to know all the names

Day 3: (July 2nd)

View from my campsite on Glenns Lake
Who doesn’t love a nice Bergschrund?
A flock of bighorn sheep, on my way up Redgap Pass
So many switchbacks!

Day 4: (July 3rd)

Cow Parsnip! Its everywhere. And it makes me itchy. And grizzlies love to eat it.
A nice lake on my into Many Glacier
An Emu burger! And it was yummy
Look who I found on the trail in Many Glacier! Stummy & Masshole!

Day 5: (July 4th)

Cool meadows on the way up Piegan Pass
Marmots are everywhere! I love marmots
A sign on the Going-to-the-sun road. Very sad and disturbing. Visit the park before climate change claims all the glaciers!!

Day 6: (July 5th)

A nice swim
A moose at our campsite!

Day 7: (July 6th)

My cairn pose
Coming up Triple Divide Pass. It separates the 3 drainages (Atlantic, Pacific, Hudson)

Day 8: (July 7th)

Another moose! At No-Name Lake campsite.

Leaving Glacier NP… 😦
In East Glacier, MT. The mexican restaurant was excellent.

I spent the nightt in East Glacier at a hostel, and showered/laundry. Headed into the Bob Marshall Wilderness next week!

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