Day 11 & 12: Zeros in Lone Pine

Monday October 5, 0mi/0km

Lone Pine (CA) 

I decided that life would be easier with a car, and the only place to rent one was Bishop, about 60 miles north of Lone Pine. So, we hitched to Bishop, and I picked up an Enterprise car. Bishop is a bigger town, so we took advantage of the amenities.


We made a trip to the big grocery store, a couple of the outdoor stores, and we went to the movie theater to see “Everest”. I bought down wash and tennis balls to clean my sleeping bag, and a special tent wash too. Back at the hostel, we took turns washing our gear. That poor bathtub will never be the same!

Tuesday October 6, 0mi/0km

It was a nice day of rest, eating, and more eating. I realized I was down to 125lb/57kg, so I kept getting milkshakes and pies. Life is good! I dropped off three other PCT hikers at the Cottonwood Pass trailhead that we departed two days ago. Tiger, Mr. E, and Pluto were fun to talk to, and I enjoyed re-paying the trail favors I had received this year. It was a little snowy at the trailhead, but not too bad.


There was maybe only 4 inches/10cm of snow, and it was melting fast in the strong sunlight.


On the way back downhill, I stopped at a scenic overlook. The plaque says “Walts Point” and it’s a popular hanggliding launch point, since it lies 5000ft/1500m above the valley floor.


It was a relaxing couple of days, but tomorrow I will drop off my friends at the trail, and start making my way home.

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