Week 19 – Willamette Pass to Santiam Pass/Bend (mile 1904 to 1999)

Shelter Cove resort (near Willamette pass) has a strong “vortex”, as it sucked in many hikers for an unplanned zero day. Fortunately, for me it was a planned zero day, awaiting some friends from back home, who are also hiking on the PCT, southbound. This is where our paths would cross!

Day 112: (August 10th)

No hiking today, and not many pictures from today, too busy talking & eating ice cream with these hikers…. 🙂

I crossed paths with some friends from home!! They are going Sobo.

Bonus Miles, Anchor, and myself. Check out her blog of her sobo thru hike – https://wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.wordpress.com

Day 113: (August 11th)

Morning view of Odell Lake
A VERY nice ski shelter, it had a woodstove, sleeping loft, and even coffee inside!
There is a trail connecting the PCT directly to the city of Eugene. How cool, must be a pretty outdoors-y city.
Three Sisters Wilderness is huge, it took me almost 3 days to hike thru.

Day 114: (August 12th)

Real live cowboys!

Day 115: (August 13th)

The trail leads around South Sister (10,358 ft)
Obsidian falls. The rock is shiny & black
Lots of obsidian rocks
Its sooo shiny!
Lava field, Sisters to the south in the background

Day 116: (August 14th)

Cool cloud / fog around a mountain. Only its tip is showing!
And 2 hours later, I'm up in that fog

Later that day, I get a ride into Bend, from a couple of very nice ladies. Its about 40 miles from the trailhead to Bend, and with the traffic in the village of Sisters, we have a couple of hours to chat. As it turned out, the driver, Margaret, used to work for the forest service as a snow ranger! So we got to discuss fun avalanche stuff! Like depth hoar, unstable slabs, and snow crystals.

After she dropped me off at the REI in Bend, I picked up some badly-needed pants (mine were full of holes and too big for my shrinking waist) and socks.

Then, because I have some very lucky timing, I was in town during Bend’s annual brewfest! 70+ craft brewers, including the best pumpkin beer and best IPA I’ve ever had!

Hikers & locals gettin their groove on, at the annual Bend brewfest.

Day 117: (August 15th)
I picked up some groceries, and got a ride back to the trail thru a wonderful local network of trail angels, coordinated by Mr. Uber Ducky.

Back on the trail, looking south toward Santiam pass

Next week– Cascade Locks & Bridge of the Gods! Washington, I’m-a comin!


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