Week 16 – Mt. Shasta to Etna (mile 1499 to 1597)

The week of exertion! I started up Mt Shasta on Monday evening, hiking 1.7 miles from the trailhead to Horse Camp, a Sierra Club outpost at 7900ft.

After a few mysterious events (I think the mountain is haunted or something), I went to bed early for a 3am start. I hiked up 2500ft to Helen Lake (a popular camping spot), where I switched into boots & crampons. The final 3700ft are up a steep snowfield, punctuated by the occasional rocky cleaver or cliff band. I stopped just below the summit to see the hot volcanic vents, then continued to the top by 8am. It was cold-ish, 40s and windy, so after some quick photos & summit logbook, I headed down. A 4-hour descent and a whole pizza completed the day.

But, I had killed 2.5 days around Mt Shasta, so I cruised some mileage the rest of the week. After three 30-mile days and 9 miles on Saturday, I was in Etna!

Day 91: (July 20th)

Farmers market in downtown Mt Shasta

Day 92: (July 21st)

Hiking up before sunrise
Taking a break at 12k
Guided party on the summit
Yup its cold up here
Obligatory summit photo. 8am
Descending thru the Red Band...then a 2000ft glissade!

Day 93: (July 22nd)

I suppose the red/blue I-5 shield would have looked out of place
Castle Crags
Impressive work by a trail crew

Day 94: (July 23rd)

Sunrise & alpine lakes
Leaves have many uses

Day 95: (July 24th)

So many colors. Must be the Kodak film.
The herd is on the move. Also, a mounted cowboy & his herding dog
One is long distance, the other is local.
Now its the trail's turn to hike me!

Day 96: (July 25th)


Happy face, its a town day!
Received a birthday package from my favorite sister

This was a beautiful section, Castle Crags park and the Trinity Alps Wilderness. The cool temperatures, moderate terrain, and lack of mosquitoes & poison oak = my favorite section of NorCal.

Next week I’ll be in Oregon!

2 thoughts on “Week 16 – Mt. Shasta to Etna (mile 1499 to 1597)

  1. Sandy

    Beautiful scenery and all that snow! How are your feet doing? You will be so conditioned when you get back, probably will not need car except for long trips! Ha! Ha!

    Liked by 1 person

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