Getting Ready for the JMT

Thursday September 24, 0mi/0km

When I crossed paths with my SOBO friend Bonus Miles back on PCT day 112, we talked about trying to meet up after I finished my PCT thru. Well, the timing worked out perfectly that I could join her going SOBO thru the Sierras, amazing!

I had finished the PCT 10 days ago, back on September 14th. Since then, I had gotten a ride to Vancouver, taken a bus south to Lake Tahoe, and gone on quick climbing trip to Yosemite Valley. I stayed with friends Kim and Jeremy in Tahoe for a couple days, then started making my way south to Tuolumne. It was an hour ride down to Reno, and from there I caught the popular Eastern Sierra Transit bus that makes the daily 6-hour trip down to Lone Pine. Fortunately, I was only on the bus for 3 hours, and hopped off at Lee Vining, CA. This is a popular crossroads, as the Tioga Pass road splits off from the main 395 freeway here, and there is a wonderful dining establishment nearby. The “Whoa Nellie Deli” is tucked into an unassuming Mobil gas station, but has some of the best sandwiches, chili, fish tacos, and pizza I’ve ever been served from a counter!

WhoaNellie outWhoa_Nellie_Deli_1

I had a quick dinner, then I walked out the Tioga Pass road to try and hitch the 20 miles to Tuolumne Meadows campground. Within 20 minutes, I had a ride with a guy on the local Search & Rescue team, YOSAR. He was entertaining, and as a fellow rock climber, we shared some very relatable experiences. I setup my tent, registered with the ranger station, and had enough time to walk out to the meadows to watch the 7pm sunset.


There was much commotion in the popular campground, and I was very excited to meet up with my friends tomorrow, but eventually I was able to fall asleep. Tomorrow, I meet up with Bonus Miles and Cheshire Cat and start hiking again!

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